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I've been a story teller for my whole life. Seriously, before I could even read, I would walk around Hallmark stores, pick up a card, and pretend I was reading a story off of a greeting card instead of narrating whatever leapt out of my head.




Holding my first short story in 2004.

In elementary school, I wrote my first book. In high school, I competed in poetry competitions. In college, I decided to major in English to pursue a dream to write children's books.

I've always felt a strong pull towards putting words on paper and allowing them to exist in the world with the hope that they would connect with someone else.

Today, my writing exists in multiple forms. I publish regularly on my blog. I write guest posts and op-ed's on topics I am passionate about. And in 2023, I will be publishing my first children's book, Your Magic, which is quite literally, a dream come true.

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