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way before making videos of yourself lip synching on the internet was cool or something you could monetize. For as long as I can remember, I've been sharing (or in some cases, oversharing), on the world wide web.


To me, there's something so powerful about the power of the internet, the connections we can make, and the communities we can create. That's why creating high energy, fun, and engaging content has always been a passion of mine.

From TikTok, to Instagram, to my Blog, I use my passion for writing, video editing, and creating, as well as my own unique voice, perspective, and experiences in a way that is authentic. My content is real and vulnerable, fun and engaging, and takes on all kinds of aspects of our daily lives, including serious issues, without ever taking myself too seriously.

My goal is to create content reads like advice from a best friend of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (depending on what you need that day).


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Brand Partnerships

I am proud to partner with brands that align with my passions, values, and vision to create unique and engaging content for my Tiktok, Instagram, and blog.

I have partnered with Nike, Love Your Melon, QVC, Amazon, Tate's Bake Shop, Ollie, Birdy Grey, Azazie, Go Puff, and dozens more. I create content focused around lifestyle, beauty, fashion, home decor, books, business, pop culture, and travel. My media kit and pricing is available upon request. 

It is a priority to highlight brands that I really love and align with, truly use, and organically recommend. I also place a priority on trying to highlight brands with charitable missions. Because of this and my priority to create content that is 100% authentic, I am very selective in the brands that I work with.

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