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In my first public interview ever, I shared my deepest insecurities. It wasn't a fearless act of intended authenticity, but rather a moment of quiet vulnerability I had no idea would be viewed more than 65 million times around the world. They would also be the words that connected me to thousands of individuals who routinely fall into negative self-talk, anxiety, and perfectionism, tendencies that often inhibited me from living life as boldly as I wanted to.

Often we tuck away the parts of ourselves we don't feel are ready or worthy to present to the world. But what if we said what we were afraid of out loud?  What if those vulnerabilities are really our superpowers?

I often dive into the big messy topics of our reality like mental health, entrepreneurship, body image, self-confidence, and leadership by using vulnerability as my guide, sharing what I've learned, what I'm still figuring out, and all the lessons along the way. My goal is to leave my audience feeling connected to my story, better able to embrace all parts of them, and feel empowered to chase their dreams, especially the impossible ones.

"Kylee would be a wonderful speaker for anyone! I very much enjoyed what Kylee had to share, as did the volunteers who attended the session. It was clear that she had a strong ability to engage those she spoke to as well as a broad knowledge of the field she is in. It was inspiring to hear how her simple idea turned into a hobby and then into a national organization whose name is synonymous with bringing a smile to a child’s face."
- Leora Zomick, Founding Director, Get Your Play On(line)


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