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What’s on our wedding registry

Photo credit: Chrissy from C. Jamie Camera Creative

Maybe this is a hot take, but creating a wedding registry is hard. Trying to figure out exactly what you need (and for me, publicly asking for it!) was a bit tricky.

Matt and I have lived together for over 4 years now. We currently live in a 650 square foot apartment in Manhattan with pretty limited storage space. What we have, we love, and we pretty much have everything we need!

We decided to do a bit of an overhaul to look at what could use a bigger investment, more sprucing up, or was just a fun, indulgent item to include on the list (it is your wedding after all!) Here are some of our favorite items on our wedding registry!

1. Elevated staples Think of your everyday favorites, but a little bit fancier! We were in desperate need of some new casual dining plates, cups, and kitchen essentials. These were affordable, but a bit more curated than what we currently have.

2. Honeymoon Funds Some people want to keep it simple and just give you a monetary gift. The best way to include that on your registry is a honeymoon fund! We picked specific experiences (Airfare, brunch, our stay!) for our honeymoon and the funds have been the most popular thing on our registry!

3. Indulgent statement pieces Experts recommend having a wide variety of price points on your registry. Halfway through making ours, I realized everything was under $50 and I needed to add some bigger ticket items. We added some items that were a bit bigger statement pieces like this artisan bowl, a wicker bed for Riggins, and a Yeti cooler bag for our rooftop and park hangouts!

4. Wedding related expenses Perhaps this is taboo, but I added 3 specific wedding-related expenses or gifts to our registry as cash funds. Preserving the wedding dress and bouquet can be a big expense, but it can also be an amazing, thoughtful gift. I also added a cash fund for an audio guestbook. I love this idea and think it would be a great gift for any engaged couple on their big day!

If you're married, what did you have on your registry? If you're not, what would you add? Let me know down below!

Your internet BFF,


p.s, this post has links that may offer affiliate commission, meaning I may earn a small percentage of the sale price at no cost to you. That helps power the content I create! Thank you for your support!



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