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Our Wedding Save the Dates

Photo credit: Chrissy from C. Jamie Camera Creative Oddly enough, one of the things I was most excited for with planning the wedding was designing our save the dates. I know it sounds so random, but it truly is one of the first impressions you are going to give people about your wedding! We did our engagement photos with our wedding photographer, Chrissy, from C. Jamie Camera Creative. We had so many amazing choices (you can see more on our engagement photos here!). We loved this photo so much because it really mimics the posing we'll be doing on our big day and I love how happy we look!

I've always been a major fan of the magnet save the dates (cute and functional!), so we knew that was the direction we'd go in. From there we played around with a few design templates online, but nothing really felt like us.

I started doing what any bride would do -- stalking Pinterest. I found these adorable polaroid inspired save the dates and I was hooked.

I created a template on Canva and printed them on Zazzle. I'm not sure if it was my design or Zazzle's printing, but some of the magnets came out slightly off-centered, so be warned!

We had all of the addresses printed on the envelopes. Personally, I think it is well worth the investment as it saved me SO much time. Then we wax sealed them with gold wax and a thirteen roman numeral seal (we're getting married on the 13th!). They required a regular stamp and a regular postage stamp.

We have a ton of beautiful save the dates currently on our fridge from friends and family and what I've learned is that if it feels like you, you can't go wrong. I love how fun our save the dates are, how excited we look, and how the fonts and design tied everything together. It feels so unique and personal to me. We've also loved a bunch of friends and family send us photos of our magnet on their fridge which made me so happy!

What do you think? Are our Save the Dates your style? Let me know down below! Your internet BFF, kylee



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