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My current skincare routine

First things first: my skin has been a journey.

It has been over a decade of trying and testing products, dealing with acne, kilatosis pilaris, and scarring. I'm at the crossroads now between breakouts and wrinkles and I'm constantly hunting down new favorites and testing things out to see what works for me.

Let me also be clear: no one has been asking for my skin routine. But if in the off chance this is helpful in any way, shape, or form to someone like me -- I'm sharing.

I also want to be fully transparent that I am a Tula Brand Ambassador. I absolutely love Tula, their products, and what the company stands for. I use a ton of Tula products every single day and can promise you that if I didn't like them, I wouldn't recommend them. But I do because they really, truly work for me. Please note, I do make commission if you use my code (KYLEELAUREN) and you get 15% off!.

Please remember that I'm sharing what works for me, which might not be what works best for you. Skincare is as unique as each individual person. My dermatologists and estheticians have changed the way I take care of my skin and I always recommend starting there if possible!

I will keep this post regularly updated, so definitely bookmark it to stay on top of what I'm using!

My Skin

I have incredibly sensitive, combination skin prone to hormonal breakouts. I've dealt with pretty hardcore acne throughout my life and to mitigate hormonal breakouts I am on low estrogen birth control. I also use Epiduo Forte as prescribed by my dermatologist 3-5 times a week.

I also am starting to see minor signs of aging with some wrinkles on my forehead, by my eyes, and in between my eyes. I started getting Botox at 25 and have gone 3 times (usually twice a year!). Botox has been an investment both monetarily and in my self-confidence. It has made me much more confident in my skin.

My Morning Routine

  • First and foremost, I rinse my face with just a little bit of warm water to wake up my skin and get the day going.

  • I typically workout in the mornings, which is absolutely imperative to my mental health and keeping my skin healthy. Sweating is actually good for your skin, so I try to work up a sweat at least 4 days a week.

  • After working out, I will wash my face with Tula's Purifying Face Cleanser. I love the consistency of the cleanser and how it has an incredibly minimal scent.

  • After I shower, I use Tula's Triple Vitamin C Serum, typically 3 days a week. Vitamin C has really helped me dissipate acne scarring. I'll alternate my Vitamin C with Tula's Hello Radiance Illuminating Serum, especially if my skin seems dry.

  • Then I use Follain's Eye Cream. Eye Cream for me is a MUST. My eyes and chin will show dehydration the most and I find their eye cream to be perfect for my skin.

  • Then I drench, and truly mean drench, my face with the Hydrating Day and Night Cream by Tula. If you are a total beginner to skincare, a moisturizer is an absolute must have. I usually then moisturize my body, to give my face some time to let everything soak in. I've been loving Dr. Teal's Eucalyptus and Spearmint body lotion because it smells so good!

  • Once my face feels like it has soaked all my products in, I will either use Tula's mineral magic tinted sunscreen or the Protect and Glow daily sunscreen. Their tinted products is new and I I've really been loving it. Whatever you use, you can absolutely not skip sunscreen!

  • Lastly, my eyes can be my problem area, so I'll use Tula's Rose Glow and Get It Balm underneath my eyes and on the lid if I'm not using eyeshadow that day.

My Night Routine

  • My night routine is my favorite. I like taking my time going through the process of undoing the day. For me, that typically starts with Huda Beauty's Clean Genie Cleansing Butter. I really love the consistency of this product, especially using it on tough areas like mascara with my Makeup Eraser.

  • Next, I'll go back to my Tula's Purifying Face Cleanser.

  • After I dry off, I'll use Tula's Antioxidant Toning Water. I was never a girl that used toner because it just took too much time. This changed the game for me and has significantly improved the texture of my skin.

  • Time for the serums! I'll alternate between Kiehl's Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum and my Epiduo. Kiehl's retinol is my favorite because it is powerful, yet gentle. It's the only retinal I've tried that doesn't dry my skin out.

  • Then I go back to my Follain's Eye Cream to keep me hydrated.

  • Lastly, I've been testing out Proven Skincare's Personalized Night Cream. I love how thick this cream is, which is so important for fighting off my acne and keeping me moisturized.

And wah-lah! That's it! That's my current skincare routine!

Would you be interested in a post on my body care routine or favorite masks? What are your favorite products? Let me know down below!

Your internet BFF,


p.s, this post has links that may offer affiliate commission, meaning I may earn a small percentage of the sale price at no cost to you. That helps power the content I create! Thank you for your support!



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