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My all-time Amazon Favorites

Hi friends!

I was going through my Amazon purchases recently and realized how many great finds I had hidden in there and I wanted to create a post dedicated to them all! I would love for you to share your Amazon finds with me in the comments below!

The home category by far was my biggest Amazon favorites category and there's a treasure trove of good stuff here! There are a lot of really great organizational finds like this cute sunglass holder, bathroom organizer, and closet organizer. Speaking of the bathroom, I love this cheeky bath mat. We've purchased 8 of these floating bookshelves and they look so great and unique. I also found so many great kitchen finds like this Pampered Chef rounded stone (which we use to cook everything), vegetable chopper (which has TOTALLY changed my life), and these wine preserver with aerator that help your bottles last longer! Plus, a totally random find that I love are these small magentic bookmarks! So cute!

I've worn these claw clips almost every single day since I got them! When I'm looking for other ways to tie up my hair, I either go to the U-Pin Hair Clip which is so chic or thin silk scrunchies. The Native Deoderant in sweet peach is a new recent fave. CeraVe SA Body Wash has really helped my kilatosis pilaris!

Amazon has some great fashion finds -- especially for athleisure!

I live in this tennis dress and jumpsuit in the warmer weather. I love throwing on a button up or sweater over for an easy look. These sandals are great for the beach and I keep this travel yoga mat in my car for workouts on the go!

I love the basics Amazon has! My recent favorites have definitely been this cute cutout Top and these gold hoops. These braided heels are definitely going to be my summer staple. They're super comfortable!

Of course, there are some great wedding finds on Amazon. I wore this dress for engagement pictures and this dress for viewing venues. This custom neon sign is a great deal, we just got it for a friend for their wedding! Plus, this set made wax sealing our envelopes so easy!

I couldn't go through this list without sharing some of my favorite work finds. I got this chair two years ago and it's held up so well! This pencil case is super cheap and fits so much, including my favorite pens! My most recent purchase was for this huge dry erase calendar for all of our upcoming work events!

What are your Amazon favorites?

infinite x's and o's, kylee. p.s, this post has links that may offer affiliate commission, meaning I may earn a small percentage of the sale price at no cost to you. That helps power the content I create! Thank you for your support!



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