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The Best Dang Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Photo Credit: Dan Pelosi of Grossy Pelosi

You guys, I love a good chocolate chip cookie. I am a desert queen at heart and if sweets were a love language, they'd probably be mine.

I've been an avid baker since I was in high school. Every Christmas season, my parents, sisters, and I would all skip school and have a "Cookie Hookie" day where we would bake literally hundreds of cookies for friends, neighbors, and families. If there's anything my mom taught me, it was to never show up empty handed and a sweet treat always hits the spot.

During quarantine, I spent a lot of time baking and cooking. That's where I stumbled upon Grossy Pelosi -- one of my very own internet BFF's (you know, someone you feel like you know because of the internet, but have never, in fact, actually talked to them?). He has an amazing website and Instagram where he shares his delicious recipes including his world famous vodka sawce and chocolate chip cookies.

His vodka sauce is essentially world known at this point, so I wanted to put you on the cookies. GUYS, if there is a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, this is it. They are gooey, a little crunchy, chewy, and downright delicious.

Every three weeks or so, I will make a huge batch (usually doubling the recipe) and freeze it. I'll pop a few in the oven for a random weekday desert. I'll throw a few dozen in to take with me to a friend. I even made over 100 cookies for a friend's post-wedding brunch -- there wasn't a single one left.

If you're looking for a chocolate chip recipe, look no further than Grossy Pelosi's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Your internet BFF,




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